Why have wineries turned to Livix?

Wineries and breweries have unique assets to monitor, such as agricultural areas, containers, tasting rooms, product-making areas and temperature-controlled storage facilities. Protecting these assets directly impacts your bottom line. Livix working with local licensed contractors designs, video surveillance systems for wineries and breweries to help you protect your employees, profits and property.

Employee Monitoring
A panel of law enforcement and business auditors at the Wine Industry Financial Symposium recently told wineries to wise up. “Fraud is pervasive” in business, said moderator Jim Petray, a CPA at Burr, Pilger & Mayer. “Most disturbing, it can happen from a person who is a well-trusted individual” — someone whom you’d never normally suspect of theft.”

Video surveillance helps protect your profits and boost productivity. It’s your business—you have the right to protect it. You also have the right to record what happens on your premises, within certain legal and ethical boundaries.

Location, location, location. The right cameras in the right place.
Livix works with you to design a security system with specific cameras placed at key locations to monitor activities and detect equipment that needs repair or is operating in an unsafe/inefficient manner.

Liquor Liability
Liquor liability cases can be a serious problem for anyone who serves alcohol. If a bartender over serves drinks or serves drinks to minors you need to protect your business! Video surveillance is one of the best ways to catch and deter employees from this issue.

Employee Injury Documentation and L&I
As a winery or brewery owner you are responsible for cooperating with workers’ compensation, slip and fall claims, the parties and attorneys involved. It is imperative that you can protect your business and provide documentation. Video surveillance can save you thousands in fraudulent claims.

Monitor operations anytime from any device.
Business owners need to keep an eye on business—and they can’t be everywhere at once. Remotely monitor operations, even when you are off premises. We will help you establish links between cameras and your Internet ready devices.