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Farm & Warehouse Security Cameras

Security is incredibly important for farms, warehouses and other agricultural environments. Video surveillance can help ensure operations run smoothly, making certain that consumers receive a safe quality product in the end, while protecting inventory, animals, equipment and facilities from harm and misuse.

Uses include:

Monitor for intruders – Strategically placed security cameras in your warehouse will capture images of anyone entering the property. This coverage helps to ensure that only authorized workers gain access to the facilities.

Protect water supplies – A well-protected water supply is critical to agricultural operations. Farm security cameras can play an important role in protecting this highly-sensitive area.

Prevent break-ins – Implementing security cameras around your property can deter break ins. For those intruders who look past the cameras, the surveillance footage can capture them in the act.

Farm – Security cameras in areas such as holding pens, calving pens, tool shops, and gates will help to prevent thieves from stealing animals and equipment.

Dairy operations – Security cameras can also ensure that daily operations such as milking and feeding run smoothly and according to policy.

Employee monitoring – Video surveillance can be used to monitor employee behavior so that critical farm operations are properly carried out.

Remote playback and monitoring – With an IP-based surveillance system, farm owners can monitor their property remotely. Footage can be stored digitally and easily searched in cases requiring visual evidence.


Considerations When Setting Up a Security Camera System

  • Is there a history of theft in and around the property?
  • What types of facilities make up property?
  • Does the property have any existing forms of security in place?
  • Is employee activity something that needs to be closely monitored?
  • Will outdoor security cameras be required and do they need to Move, and Zoom?
  • What are the properties most sensitive, high-risk areas in terms of security?

 Video Surveillance Setup Advice

  • Monitor facility entrances, exits and driveways to capture images of those entering and leaving the property.
  • Truck Scales, could save you thousands of dollars in feed, by allowing you to see when trucks do not fully get on scales.
  • Monitor driveways, to monitor who enters the property.
  • Install cameras in holding pens to track animal behavior and employee work operations.
  • Monitoring Livestock can save you thousands by noticing issues early on, and allowing you to provide treatment or repair to equipment.
  • Use video surveillance to monitor trouble areas such as fuel tanks and water supplies.
  • Setup security cameras to watch over feed lanes.
  • Consider installing video security to prevent theft of tools and tampering of machinery.