Increase sales

Allow your sales team to monitor when customers walk on the property and provide better service to your customers.

5 Cars? 500 cars?

Livix has the experience to have you covered! Dealerships should have the entire property under video surveillance to increase sales, protect them from theft, liability claims, provide better customer service, and improve employee productivity.   Let a Livix Agent design a custom security camera system to provide you with the coverage you need to secure and manage your dealership. We have seen some dealerships have there Livix system pay for itself  within a couple months of implementation, from false damage claims, employee productivity and theft.

Custom Security Camera Monitoring

You can have pan-tilt-zoom cameras in your car lots and various fixed cameras throughout the showroom and service areas to get the exact coverage for your companies needs.  If you have multiple locations, Livix Agents can install a display wall allowing you to monitor all of your operations from one location.



Livix Agents have worked with hundreds of dealerships over the years and know exactly what is important to you as a dealership. Give us a call or fill out our contact form.