Vacation Homes – Cabins

Security cameras are a great tool for protecting vacation properties and homes. Being unoccupied for large periods of time, vacation homes tend to be more susceptible to theft, break-ins, and vandalism. A video surveillance system installed at your cabin, condo or beach house will help keep your property safe when you’re not around.

Livix agents have configured many surveillance systems for Vacation Homes

Monitoring Remotely –  NVRs (network video recorders) allow you to transmit your surveillance camera video over the internet. You can use any PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device to see live video and even playback. Having the ability to check up on your property at anytime, from practically anywhere in the world. New enhancements actually allow you to receive push notifications directly on your smartphone alerting you of unwanted visitors. Features such as this make it easy to secure your property no matter how far away you are and internet service is now available in most remote locations using cell based Hotspot devices or Satellite Internet.

Theft Prevention -Having prominent surveillance cameras helps to keep theft from occurring. In the event your home is burglarized, video security footage is a key way to identify the thieves.

Weather damage

Damages – Weather can cause major damage to property from flooding, fire to snow. Knowing what state your vacation home is in, can save you thousands by resolving small issues before they become big ones.

Protections Livix uses battery backups and Vandal proof cameras and housings to protect your equipment and make sure it continues recording in an event of a power fail or breakin.


Vacation Home  Camera Location Advice & common questions

  • All exit and entry doors should have security cameras installed near by. This insures that everyone who enters and exits your home is recorded.
  • Consider your valuables, items such as paintings, safes, electronics and rugs should be monitored at all times with a fixed security camera placed nearby.
  • The outside of your home is very important. If you have valuables( jet-skis, watercraft,boats, golf clubs, skis, etc) kept on the property or your garage, install a security camera to monitor and record them. All areas where a potential thief may enter or exit should be covered as all recreational equipment can help lure thieves and make you a target.
  • One of the most popular questions we get with vacation homes is ” will I be able to see the wires?”  Although it is difficult on existing property to hide wires, we only hire the best licensed contractors with many years of experience and make sure we use the smallest cameras and do everything humanly possible to make sure you don’t see a single wire running through your property. Most will run through your attic or crawlspace or which ever the licensed contractor thinks is most fitting.