Livix has worked with hundreds of transportation companies, allowing its owners to better get a grasp on what is going on in daily activities from your truck yard to officer personal.

Key Benefits

  • Prevent vandalism to your trucks, machinery, vehicles and buildings
  • Monitor intruders remotely when alarms are triggered
  • Prevent theft
  • Decrease cost of insurance
  • Know when other companies do damage to your property and do not report it
  • Know what trucks are in your lot at all times
  • Monitor employee activity in your shop (overtime needed?)
  • Prevent loss of equipment and expensive tools
  • Monitor Diesel and Gas filling stations
  • Keep an eye on wash bays and repair areas or inventory

Employee Injury Documentation and L&I
As a transportation company owner you are responsible for cooperating with workers’ compensation, slip and fall claims, the parties and attorneys involved. It is imperative that you can protect your business and provide documentation. Video surveillance can save you thousands in fraudulent claims.