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Retail shrinkage continues to be most vital threat to this retail industry globally, where in losses often run into billions. The only efficient way to keep this in check is through surveillance. Livix offers a wide range of solutions to secure different points of inventory, starting from entry to billing and check out.

If you’re running a retail business, theft is one of the most frustrating things you can deal with. Shoplifting, employee theft, robbery, and burglary are all serious problems that cause great distress and loss of profits.

Livix security camera systems are one of the best ways to prevent shoplifting. Shoplifting often occurs when you’re not looking, and that’s where Livix cameras come in. You can’t always look everywhere at once–but Livix cameras can. Not only can you see real-time video of different areas of your business at the same time on a computer screen or mobile, but you can also go over the recordings. Livix allows you to keep an eye on suspicious activity in one part of your business without neglecting other areas. Plus, Livix IP cameras have made great advances over competing brands. They can be used for more than just monitoring, but also identification, lessening via audio option. If someone succeeds in shoplifting, robs your store, or breaks in after hours, the clarity of the images from the cameras can allow you–and the police–to discover the identity of the offender, so they can be brought to justice gone are the days of pixel faces and blurry black and white recordings.


  • Securing Parking lot
  • To manage POS transactions
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts.
  • Shelf is empty and store manager is clueless
  • I will be away for few days. Yet, store will open


General Solution

  • Vehicle and License plate recognition. – Video monitoring of the vehicle.
  • HD Images with integrated POS can help identify offenders.
  • Intelligent alarm System with more reliability
  • Sending alerts when a shelf gets empty. IP cameras in intelligent systems can spot empty shelves – and alert appropriate staff to get them restocked.
  • Footfall counting system can ensure proper deployment to cater to the customers.
  • Remote accessibility on your smartphone SMS/Email alerts


  • Better security and preventive measures can be ensure upon suspicion.
  • Better visibility of POS transactions, which may help to minimize false claims and billing.
  • Effective and real-time monitoring
  • Reliable alarm system may increase actual response time
  • Non-stop availability in the shelves and impression that items are always available.
  • Proper staff utilization
  • Safety of your store in your absence. Employees will be working properly ensuring no work suffers.



Though every retail outlet is different in terms of its size and merchandise layout, yet each has an exit and entrance, cash register station, and sales floor.

Placing security cameras near high-trafficked and unguarded areas within your store will help reduce the number of retail crimes. At the same time, properly installed retail security systems ensure that shoplifting and employee theft will be recorded on camera.

Entrances & Exits

Mount retail security cameras directly above or near your store’s entrance(s) and exit(s) to monitor the flow of customers and employees. This location provides a clear view of each person coming in and out your storefront. With high quality IP video, you can recognize and identify faces to save as evidence if needed.

Sales Floor

Always outfit your sales floor with at least one security camera. Depending on the size of your business, you may need a considerable number of security cameras to cover the space. Poorly lit aisles or areas that are difficult to see should also be monitored by cameras. Shoplifters tend to migrate towards store locations that lack sufficient customer service or have less visibility.

Cash Register

The cash register is an extremely sensitive area and should be monitored at all times. Dishonest employees will steal directly from the cash register, and as a business owner with a never-ending list of responsibilities, you can’t always be there to make certain that all sales for the day have been accounted for. Retail security cameras should be mounted above the register to monitor and observe all activity taking place at the register, including transactions, refunds, and money counting. To catch employees who you suspect, install cameras directly above the scanner.


Thieves often access store warehouses to steal inventory and/or cargo. Millions of worth of cargo items get stolen from warehouses, loading trucks, and docks. You can install security cameras up on beams, drop ceilings, or main ceilings to oversee the inventory. Parking Lot: If your store has its own parking lot, install a video surveillance system to cover this specific area. Vehicle break-ins are common in store parking lots for employees and customers. Installing network video cameras in your parking lot makes license plate recognition possible, which is extremely helpful in cases where a perpetrator has fled the scene in his or her vehicle.