Video Surveillance for Property Management

Property managers are encouraged to protect their residential units or commercial building by investing in a video security system. Not only does it help reduce liability, but it creates a safer environment for tenants, and helps deter unwelcome visitors. As a company with proven knowledge of property management security, we can design a video security system that’s specifically catered to your needs.

From the initial consultation to the implementation of your video security system, we’re here to help with everything. Our comprehensive suite of services begins with a full security audit of your property and extends to specialized offerings like wireless network design and end-user training.  We have multiple customer with commercial property locations across the US and are able to connect to all locations from one single system and the best part is that Livix is your contact for all of them. No dealing with different companies in every state, just one reliable company that you know will always be there by your side for any surveillance need.

You’ll see a number of benefits with a video surveillance system:

  • Safeguard your property from physical damage
  • Minimize the threat of criminal activity & tenant misconduct
  • Reduce liability with a nonbiased picture of your property
  • Prevent unwelcome visitors from using on-site parking lot
  • View video system from a smartphone or tablet
  • Decrease cases of theft and vandalism
  • Prevent dumpster dumping
  • Find out when vehicles are left for extended periods of time.