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Livix Inc. has quickly grown into a prestigious and trusted brand name in the commercial video network surveillance industry. To keep pace with rapid growth, we work with authorized re-sellers, dealers and support teams across the globe, We are proud to work with software developers, Re sellers, Dealers, Contractors & IT Companies here in the USA and Engineers and Manufactures all over the world.who help us serve all our customers that choose Livix Security Systems.

Livix believes in always staying ahead of the curve, by investing in R&D and visiting expos, conventions across the globe from Europe to Asia to implement all the latest technology the world has to offer.  By doing this Livix is assured that when our customers install a Livix camera, they are getting the best possible technology for their investment.

Livix customers know that when they have a Livix Surveillance System, they own the latest and greatest with the best support teams in the nation.


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Our Livix Surveillance System was installed September of 2015. The cameras we are using provide a high quality video day or night and user friendly monitoring. Once having the Livix System we were able to monitor production and employees from our desktop or from the convenience of our smart phones while away
Luis Montes
Joining Livix’s re-seller program has allowed us offer our customers the latest in security camera technology, Livix actively is introducing new technology into the field and their team is aware of all the latest and greatest in this ever changing field.  Allowing us to focus on our fire restoration business and at
Marcos Hernandez

Featured projects


Shell Gas Stations

Franchisee’s of Shell Gas Stations, decided on Livix Surveillance Systems after recommendations of other customers on the HD Quality of image compared to other products.


Subway Franchisee’s chose Livix Cameras for their multiple locations to better control employee schedules, shifts, quality control and company policy.  

Lithia Dodge

Lithia Dodge selected Livix Cameras for their Tri-Cities Location soon after noticing the difference in quality and ease of use compared to other locations, their Managers and IT team referred
National Frozen Foods

National Frozen Foods

chose Livix Cameras for their new Surveillance System, after careful research and comparisons of quality and technology. They freeze more than 400 million pounds of frozen vegetables every year and
Freight Liner

Jim’s Pacific Garage

One of the largest dealers of Western Star and Freightliner in Southeastern WA. Jim’s Pacific Garage chose Livix to be their Complete Security Surveillance Solutions.  Employing over 40 staff members

Bethel Spanish Assembly of God

After several months of research Bethel’s board members chose Livix Cameras for their Security Surveillance System.  Covering over 50,000 SQ Feet of indoor surveillance, plus outdoor PTZ solutions.